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In the early stages of our romantic relationships, we don’t often think about the possibility of falling out of love. We're busy riding the high of our emotional connection and physical passion with each other.

But when…
  • we start fighting more often
  • we stop feeling like we can be ourselves
  • and the passion we once shared starts to wane...

It's hard not to feel sad, disheartened and scared.

When emotional and physical intimacy begin breaking down, and partners start to feel alone in their own relationships, making our way back to connection starts to feel like an impossible dream.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.

If you are…
  • in need of some tools to stay intimately on track with each other
  • finding that connecting emotionally and physically is harder than it used to be
  • doubting that you can even come back from the missed opportunities and obvious lack of sexual connection

You are not alone, and reigniting that passionate spark is within reach.


Do you feel like your partner has become

your roommate and the spark is 

Is lasting connection and renewed passion REALLY possible?

Let’s work together to make it happen!

If you’re ready to break free from arguments that go in circles and build an emotionally fulfilling sex life with your partner(s)...

I can help.

Whether you’re wanting to build a spectacular sex life from the ground up or you’re needing to rekindle an old flame, you deserve (and can most definitely achieve) the sexual and emotional connection you are craving with your partner.

(spoiler alert: yes, it is!)

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Meet Alana Ogilvie

I’m Alana (uh-LAH-nuh), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. My passion is helping partners rekindle their passion for each other, and I am determined to prove that long-term relationships can have a lifetime of spectacular sex!

I may have started out as a sex nerd who happened to do couple’s therapy, but working with relationships and highly motivated individuals on their sexual and emotional connection turned out to be my calling.

So in 2015 I started my solo private practice, Portland Sex Therapy. I’m now regularly helping partnerships, just like yours, on their journey to a stronger connection, a more secure and fulfilling sex life, and finding their true sexual selves. I’ve made it my mission to help folks find their way back to one another (and the bedroom).

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If you need help establishing the right foundation for sex and intimacy, I would be honored to guide you on the journey to rekindled love and lasting connection.


Premarital Counseling

Ready to build a passionate and loving relationship from the ground up? I can help with that!

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Relational Sex Therapy

Are you longing for more emotional security and physical passion in your relationship? Let's get you back on track!

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Individual Sex Therapy

Are you on the path of sexual self-discovery? We could be a good fit together! 

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“I had the privilege of training with Alana, and have witnessed first hand how much she cares about her clients and her work. She is a wonderful and compassionate therapist and I highly recommend her.”

Theresa Herring, MS, LMFT

“Alana has a fantastic professional attitude, while being easy to relate to. She has an amazing ability to connect with others, even if only just meeting them. She has always been a joy to work with.”

Samantha Pelkey-Flock, LPC

Looking for a quick win?

Losing the passion and excitement in a long-term relationship is NOT a foregone conclusion! If you know the roadmap to sexual disconnection, you can come back from (or steer clear of) intimate breakdown altogether!

Download my guide today to learn about the stages that lead relationships to less sexual and emotional connection and what you can do when it starts happening to you.

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